What apps are you using? If you want to share files in different formats with two devices, you need an app called Shareit. This awesomely cool app makes it easy to switch these files in different format with ease. More than 600 million people use the app, which is available in 200 countries. The app is an award-winning app that you can depend on for superior use time and time again.

Ease of Use

Using an app should never be difficult, and this one isn’t hard to use whatsoever. You can use the app to transfer files whenever and wherever, making your life simple. No one wants a difficult app that takes the use of an owner’s manual to use. This isn’t that kind of app.


Using this app allows you to share most any type of file that you want. You can share it with friends, or transfer it to a new phone that you’ve purchased. You can transfer pictures, movies, songs, and more. Plus, sharing the key in soft copy is a possibility. You can use the app for both business and personal pleasure, whether you want to entertain yourself or want to send files to clients.

Great Features

The app is popular because it has tons of features and is so easy to use. It is functional against many cross platforms, and is compatible with many systems, including iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Windows phones. It is easy to share all your favorite files with anyone, choosing the recipient and enjoying fast transfer speeds every time. This app works 200 times faster than the typical file sharing app!


No Internet Needed

Many of the file transferring programs require internet, which can be costly as it takes your data or requires WI-FI. This is not that kind of software because no internet is needed. You can easily transfer files quickly and easily and leave all worries of data usage and excess rates behind.

Quality Transfers

Sometimes the files that you transfer to another device or person come out terrible and in the worst possible quality. This is partly responsible for the software used for the transfer. Luckily, this great software makes it simple to enjoy quality transfers from one device to the next, ensuring that it comes out perfect each time.

Great Reasons to use this App

There are so many benefits offered when you use this app to transfer all your files. No matter the type of phone that you have, your budget, or other factors, this is the app that you want and need.

The Right File Transfer App

If you need to transfer files, do not do it the hard way when there are great apps out there to help ease the difficulty of this process. While there are many apps out there that allow you to transfer files, there are few that can exceed expectations of this one. Try it out for yourself. It is a free download that you can enjoy for a long time ahead.