The question that we are often asked by people who blog is whether there was a point when they knew they were going to do this full time and as a career. It is a very interesting question, and it is the type of question that we love to talk about. The reality is that if you look at any howtostartablog101 type of guide, you are going to be told about what you need to do to get your site up and running. And while those howtostartablog101 tips are wonderful, they are not going to tell you about the transition from hobby to career.

And that is why we are here right now. That is what it is all about. We want to ensure that you are doing things in a way that will work out for you. And that is why you need to know that there is no set schedule. If you are thinking that you can look at this like a regular job, and say that within 3 months you will have enough readers to make a livable income, then you need to look at it in a new manner. Yes, having such targets is not a bad idea. But if you are thinking that you can guarantee it will happen – you are mistaken.


The truth about blogging is that everyone is going to progress at their own speed. And that means some people may find that they are building up an audience within weeks. And there are others who may think that it is taking them a lot longer. It depends entirely on who you are and what you are writing about. It also depends on how often you post, what you are posting, and whether you are pushing hard enough to promote your blog. There are so many factors at play, and not one single decision will make or break your journey.

If you are an aspiring blogger, and you are thinking that you can do this as a career, then we want you to start slowly. Always make sure that you are blogging because you enjoy it. Never blog because you need the money. Why? Because your readers will know. They will know from the type of content you put out whether you are doing this as a labor of love or necessity. And blogging must always be the former, especially as you are building up your audience.

Yes, you can take steps when you build up that audience to make money. You can use SEO, social media and other bloggers to help you get more hits. And you can even partner up with companies to review products or do sponsored blog posts. Making money when you have that audience of 20,000 to 100,000 people who are subscribed to your blog posts is not the hard part. It is getting those numbers that is the challenge. Keep writing about your passions, keep your side job and ensure that you are constantly improving your writing – you will find your audience soon enough!