There is no reason why you should feel afraid of your dream. And we do not believe there is any reason for you to think that being a full time YouTuber is a dream that is not worth your time. In fact, if you are someone who is passionate about some subject, or you are particularly funny, then you owe it to yourself to give it a shot. It does not mean you will be on YouTube forever – it just means that it is your current vehicle towards getting where you want to go.

buy YouTube views

We believe the best part about YouTube is that you have this reach that you did not have before. It is not like a television network where you have to get noticed and then you may get a chance to get a program on the network. This is a platform where anyone can sit down and put up a video. But what it also means is that you are competing with so many others who are doing the same thing. There are tens of thousands of people who upload content on YouTube – and only a fraction of them get enough views to make money.

Now how are you going to promote the content that you are creating? We can understand why you are thinking in this way – and we believe that you are thinking in the smartest fashion. You are not just thinking about the quality of what you are putting up, but you are wondering how you will get others to watch. There are a few ways. The first way is the easiest – you find someone with a ton of followers on social media who would like your content, and you get them to constantly retweet the messages you put up regarding your videos.

That is the simplest way, as you will have a reach that is far beyond the few hundred followers that you probably have on social media. But it is not an option for everyone. If you do not know anyone with so many followers, and your messages to others are not helping, then you will need a new approach. And that approach is to buy YouTube views for your first set of videos. Let us say that your first 5 to 10 videos, you are going to buy YouTube views. You will be buying a few thousand views each time – and you can increase the amount slowly for each instance.

Why does this help? Because it shows up as real views. And that means you are higher up on results pages. Let us say you make a funny video about the Oscars. If someone searches “Oscar reaction video,” they are not going to come across your content that has 200 views. But they will come across your content if it had 2,000 or 20,000 views. That is the difference. And that is what buying views does for a channel. It does not guarantee success, but it guarantees that people will see your content one or two times. The result is up to you.